Who Do We Serve?

We deliver so that people at risk can stay safely at home.  This would include senior citizens (age 60+), and people of all ages who are quarantined, compromised or disabled, heath care workers, first responders, returning residents, families with high risk individuals.

What Do We Deliver?

We deliver just about any necessities that can fit in a car, including groceries, takeout meals, medical supplies, supplies, and other items of need.

Where Do We Serve?

At present, we make deliveries to all locations on the Island of Oahu.  We are considering expansion opportunities to other Islands.

How Fast Can We Deliver?

Our goal is to deliver all items on a timely basis, when and as needed by the Client.  We can do same day deliveries, but having a day or two notice is helpful as we coordinate and assign drivers.  Although we are continually building out our volunteer pool to be able to meet all needs, it is possible that occasionally we may need a bit more time to make a delivery, and we will coordinate that with the Client.

Is There A Charge For Your Service?

There is NEVER a charge for delivery.  Because we are a grassroots program and do not have, need, nor seek any funding, we can quickly help anyone we wish to serve.

How Do I Request A Delivery?

There are three simple steps:

Step One: 

Client orders groceries, takeout meals, supplies or other items online or by phone, and receives a confirmation from the store that the items will be ready for pickup at a certain time and date. Client obtains whatever information that our volunteer driver needs to have to make the pickup.  Some stores provide and order number, and others may have their own procedures.

Step Two: 

Client applies for delivery service from Help Is On The Way.  Best to apply online on our website, but we will take requests by email or phone.  After a request is received, one of our dispatchers calls the Client (usually same day) to obtain relevant information, including the order number or other identifying information.  The dispatcher then assigns the delivery request to a volunteer driver, who contacts the Client to confirm and coordinate the delivery.

Step Three: 

The driver picks up the items and delivers them to the client according to the client’s instructions.

Who Qualifies for Our Deliveries?

We will help anyone who needs to stay home and does not have a way to pickup their goods or other items.  This includes senior citizens 65 and older, whether or not they drive, and other regardless of age who should stay home, including quarantined individuals, people with medical conditions, healthcare workers, returning residents, visitors and others.

Who Makes the Deliveries?

We have a large pool of dedicated, compassionate volunteer drivers, who are ready to make deliveries to you.  We have a vouching system to approve applicants we know well, and an interview and referencing-checking process for other applicants.  We strive to make sure that we are comfortable sending volunteer driver on the road for deliveries.   

Are Our Drivers Vetted and Trained?

Yes, before applicants are approved to be driver, their application is reviewed by staff, and the process includes an interview and reference check.  During the onboarding process, volunteer drivers are trained to follow safe delivery practices

How Do Clients Order Their Groceries and Food?

Help Is On The Way does not go shopping or handle funds or payments.  Our Clients make online or phone arrangements to purchase groceries, meal, medicine or medical supplies, drugs, or other items for pick up, and then contact us to make the delivery.  There are some programs in Hawaii for people who need help shopping or ordering, but these are not plentiful.  We would be happy to connect you with these programs, but for faster service, we suggest that you ask a friend or other kind person to help you place an online or phone order. Then you can contact us to make the pickup and delivery.

If I Cannot Afford Food, What Can I Do?

Our hearts go out to you.  When these calls come in, we do our best to connect them with programs and organizations that can help.  More and more of these programs are coming into existence.

NOTICE: Help Is On The Way ceased operations on June 15th 2021.
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